More than a label, Maison Flore is a poetic manufacture celebrating intergenerational transmission.

The items we craft are made of memories to keep close and look after. We create refined, upcycled and soulful treasures intended to be collected and passed on through generations, exactly as antique trousseaux were passed on from mother to daughter.



Maison Flore is a Trousseau story in Marseille since 1901. It all started with Marie, Flore's great grand-mother, who was a Trousseau embroiderer in the Vauban neighbourhood, just like Berthe, her daughter, will be after her. Fascinated by this "Maison de Famille" and maternal skills passed on from one generation to the next, Flore launched Maison Flore to celebrate the beauty of family stories, roots and transmissions.


By upcycling and giving a new life to precious Trousseaux bedsheets and linens, we wish to slow down and take time to contemplate the beauty of antique gestures, soulful embroideries, eternal monograms and aging marks. We wish to rethink our rythms and revisit fashion's primary purpose with a soulful and poetic point of view.


Maison Flore manufactures an elevated Trousseau made of creativity and refined sustainability to sublimate antique treasures and precious savoir-faire through timeless & feminine lines. We bring back to life outstanding textured and delicate materials, mix them with deadstock high quality fabrics, and craft items made of unique memories and singular stories.


Through a green couture based on holistic eco-conception, thoughtful sourcing, upcycling process and french know-how, Maison Flore is a "Maison de Couture" combining antique and present craft(wo)manship, to create future treasures to keep close and look after. From A to Z, each piece in handmade and hand-embroidered in Paris by Flore and her team in our atelier-boutique.


Without any collection or season, but with made to order items and unique creations just like Flore's grand-mothers, Maison Flore is a "Maison de Broderie" crafting an everlasting poetry-to-wear with an extra soul, intended to be collected, cherished and passed on through generations, exactly as antique trousseaux were passed on from mother to daughter.