Bonjour ! We are the Glycine Placemats 🌷

We are 100% Made in France with upcycled, repurposed and organic materials.

Here is our story ...


We believe that monograms and precious handmade artworks are forever. More than clothing, Maison Flore crafts soulfoul and poetic items. Made to last and be passed on to the next generation as antique trousseau were passed on from mother to daughter, they are a true witness of History and savoir-faire, with a unique story behind each piece of fabric, that we can't wait to share with you. Carry the story beyond and make it your own !


All our creations are born in Paris, rue Charlot in Maison Flore workshop-boutique. Flore designs each item and her creative process includes materials sourcing, pattern-making and and cutting out materials in house.


They are made of antique 100% linen bedsheets Circa 1930. The quality of this vintage linen is beyond fabulous, it is both soft and strong, in perfect condition after all these years and definitely made to last. These bedsheets were collected in Marseille, France, and are all coming from abandoned closets. We wanted to give them a new life by repurposing them into cute & fresh treasures for home.


To create these dreamy items, we mixed our signature antique bedsheets with other vintage treasures : Embroidered cotton trims Circa 1950. They all come from an old haberdashery's deadstock based in Brittany, France. The owner's niece preciously kept all these trims to let them have a new life, one day. Since they are all vintage deadstock, each piece comes in limited edition. This is the beauty of upcycling !


Inspired by her grand-mothers' work, Flore chose to give a new life to abandoned treasures. She sources local refined vintage trims and textiles as monogramed sheets or linen, laces and collars, all made of amazing sustainable materials from 1900's to 1960's. They are 100% made of cotton, linen or metis, a cotton/linen blend. These precious materials, soft and solid at the same time, are repurposed or reworked with new embroideries or mixed with high quality fabrics. All fabric scraps are kept to create pouches, that can be used as bulk bags, but also new materials we plan to developp soon.


We only use 100% Gots certified organic cotton sewing thread to manufacture our items. The fibre comes from Egypt and then is spun and dyed in Soest, The Netherlands. This thread company was founded in 1970 and remains family owned ! They manufacture all of their threads in Europeand care about the safety of their employees and the environment.


All our items are 100% manufactured in Paris, rue Charlot, by Flore herself. Every step of sewing is made in our workshop boutique. Yes, it's french couture baby !


Our green couture is 100% Made in France ! Flore herself sews every item for you in our parisian workshop-boutique, out of the actual non-sense fashion rythms. For ponctual wider orders, she also partners with independant seamstresses and small manufacturing workshops, all based in France and who she asks to personnally sign an authenticity certificate. Only a few pieces will be available in our boutique and selected stores to let our clients discover in real life our savoir-faire.


The treasure you have in hands is made with passion and is just timeless. As were antique trousseau, it is destined to be cherished and one day passed on to the next generation. We hope you will carry its story beyond and make it your own !