A word about Tournesol

" Tournesol is as feminine as casual ; these poetic high waisted pin tuck trousers are part our treasure line, they are absolutely unique and numbered by hand.

By upcycling these antique hand embroidered bedsheets, I wanted to give a new life to this outstanding trousseaux still sleeping in our closets and to the poetic savoir-faire coming with it. No need to produce new fabrics, we already have the best and the most sustainable in hands.

This beauty is a true legacy, a family treasure. It has its very own story, I hope you will make it your own and pass it to the next generation, exactly as antique trousseaux were passed on from mother to daugther.



ūüďć Local Crafting

100% Handmade in Paris by Flore

Buttons : 100% Made in France

‚ôĽ Upcycling

100% Upcycled vintage & deadstock materials

ūüĆŅ Natural & organic materials

100% Local & natural fabrics

Sewing thread : Gots certified organic cotton

ūüĆĽ Traceability

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