Magazine Beau #5


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Maison Flore parisian address special curation

An eco-designed magazine of 196 pages to collect, celebrating, uniting, and narrating the stories of those who are acting today for a world in the making.

In this issue:

 - A special feature on SUSTAINABLE TABLES.
 - A conversation with the three-starred chef Alain Passard, the man of the season; the discovery of a woolen paradise in Serra da Estrela, Portugal; a narrative by writer Monica Sabolo about sharks; a visit to a new Cité Radieuse in Pantin, and other beautiful reports and investigations to explore.
- A guide featuring 90 perfect addresses to know where BEAUTY can be found in art and culture, fashion, beauty, design, and hospitality.

Also available in our parisian boutique - 45 rue Charlot Paris 3

Origin : Printed with vegetable ink in France on paper sourced from sustainably managed European forests.

Dimensions : 25,5 cm x 18 cm


" Celebrate, Contemplate, Sublimate "

Founded in September 2020 by Flore Mouren and launched at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Maison Flore is a poetic manufacture celebrating intergenerational transmission by upcycling antique Trousseaux bedsheets and precious treasures into feminine and timeless lines in its parisian atelier-boutique.

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Maison Flore is a Trousseau story in Marseilles since 1901. It all started with Marie, Flore's great grand-mother, who was a Trousseau embroiderer in the Vauban neighbourhood, just like Berthe, her daughter, will be after her. Fascinated by this precious craft(wo)manship passed on from one generation to the next, she have long dreamed of sharing and bringing back to life in her own way this amazing savoir-faire left in oblivion.


As a tribute to her family history and her inherited "Maison de Broderie", Flore carries on her maternal legacy by crafting a contemporary Trousseau made of upcycling and heritage, through timeless and feminine lines. Based on green and local couture, this everlasting poetry-to-wear with an extra soul is destined to be collected, cherished and one day passed on through generations, just like antique trousseaux were passed on from mother to daughter.