A word about Muguet

" Muguet is a feminine and delicate piece. Part of our Treasure Line, it is absolutely unique, signed and numeroted by hand in our parisian atelier.

The Maison Flore signature : Authentic antique handmade collar, a tribute to my maternal line of trousseau embroiderers, mixed with deadstock high quality fabrics, as a perfect marriage of upcycling and heritage. A refined and timeless item, fully manufactured from A to Z with care and passion in Paris.

By sublimating these antique treasures I grew up with, I wanted to bring back to life these outstanding textured and sensitive materials made of high longevity and sustainability, while crafting some poetry-to-wear made of unique stories. I hope it will become part of your own story and that you will pass it on to the next generations, just like antique trousseaux were passed on from mother to daughter.



📍 Local manufacture

100% Handmade in Paris by Flore

Upcycling process

100% Upcycled vintage & deadstock materials

🌿 Natural materials

100% Natural & local fabrics

Sewing thread : Gots certified organic cotton

🌻 Traceable unique story

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