New year, new projects !

I wish you a sweet and peaceful 2021. I am so happy to start this year with this new rendez-vous. Since Maison Flore's launching, I had in mind to propose you more than just a label, but something bigger, made of sustainability, creativity and authenticity ... all the values I truly believe in.

After months thinking about it, let me introduce you to Maison Flore's green & cool guide ! Above the brand, a media with articles, pictures and videos, where I can talk about the causes I support, the artists I love, the creative minds, the people, the craftspersons and the savoir-faire I admire.

A regular date here & on social networks where I will be able to share with you all my crushes. I hope you will discover beautiful projects and stories about art, design and fashion, always in real sustainable, original and poetic mindsets.

See you soon for the very first article !

Love, Flore.